The Wholesale Advantage for Resellers


If you are like most resellers, you have a lot of ups and downs in your daily business.  You love working with other businesses in the hair industry and watching your businesses grow together.  But you also struggle to keep your costs in check and to stay on top of the latest products and trends.  As a business owner, we understand the stresses you face and the delicate balancing act it takes to run a successful and profitable business.  

Our number one goal as a company is to help alleviate your stress and help you be as successful as possible.  Here are some specific ways we can help you as a reseller:

  • you will provide your customers with the very best products in the hair extension industry
  • you will receive volume discounts based on order quantity, the more you buy, the more you save
  • you will stay current with all of the latest products and trends in hair extensions

Who can become a wholesale customer?

We are only able to sell directly to businesses or individuals that have either a business or cosmetology license.  We get asked on a regular basis why we have this policy.  Here are the main reasons:

  1. By keeping our status as a wholesale company, we are able to offer the very best prices and products to our loyal, qualified customers.
  2. We sell professional grade products meant to be used by trained professionals.
  3. The way our company is structured, we are only able to legally sell directly to those that have a business or cosmetology license.

What products do you offer your wholesale customers?

We have a large number of products that cover the needs of stylists in the hair extension industry.  Here is an overview of our products:

  • Double-sided tape tabs for hair extensions
  • Fast acting and effective solvents to remove tape and adhesive
  • Various other products such as residue removing shampoo and leave-in conditioner to assist in the process

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  • Please attach a copy of your business / cosmetology license. PDF or JPG format is preferred.

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