Tape in hair extensions have gained a lot of popularity within the last 2 years. But, some people are still unsure on what exactly it is and how it’s installed. Here is a detailed, step by step instruction on how to install them and what they are.


seamless tape in hair extensions


Tape in hair extensions are a small weft of hair, usually 1 1/2″ long that is lined with poly to hold the tape.



You apply the tape to the weft,


installing tape in hair extensions


section off about a 2″ line of hair on your client,



Section off about 1/4″ of hair directly below the initial 2″ of hair.

and lower their hair onto the tape.


installing hair extensions


Press the hair firmly.



You are then going to take off all the hair that is not sticking to the tape.


tape in extensions installation


Once you have removed all the stray hairs, you are going to take another piece of hair, apply the tape,



and lay it directly on top of the first piece of hair.



Press the pieces FIRMLY together.



You are then going to apply some heat from a flat iron.



Only hold the flat iron on the sandwich for 10-15 seconds. DO NOT just hold it on there, open and close the iron for the whole time to distribute the heat.


This will help the tapes bond, giving it a longer hold time. Repeat this process to complete full or half a head of extension installation. With the proper care and installation, using our tape, your tape in extensions will last up to 10 weeks!

Please let us know if you have any questions on this process.

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