You may have noticed a new tape in our 2017 catalog called Natural Hold. We’ve had several requests for this tape in the past and are very excited that it’s officially a part of our product lineup. It is a low-residue, daily wear tape comparable to Hot Heads®. It is available in tape tabs (120 count) or rolls. The liner is brown but the actual tape is clear. One of the really great things about this product is how that it leaves very little residue. This means it’s very easy to clean after removal, making it great for daily users. However, with proper care, it holds reliably for up to four weeks, making it a great option for many users. To recap:

What is it? Natural Hold is our newest tape. It is a daily wear, low-residue tape comparable to Hot Heads®. It’s available in tape tabs (120 count) or rolls.

What color is it? The liner is brown, but the actual tape is clear.

Who should use it? Anyone looking for a reliable hold for up to 4 weeks with easy removal and cleanup.

How do I order it? Just like you’d order any of our other products. Find it in our online store or contact us to place an order.

We will be sending samples of Natural Hold with every order placed in May 2017. As always, we love to hear what you think of our products. If you give Natural Hold a try, contact us or let us know on Facebook.

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