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  • HET

    Duo-Pro Packaging Sneak Peek

    02 March
    Duo-Pro Packaging Sneak Peek We have been receiving a lot of questions about what the packaging will look like for our new Duo-Pro extension tape coming out at the end of March. So here is your sneak peek: What do ...
  • Save Money On Shipping

    Save Money On Shipping: Flammables vs Non-Flammables

    03 February
    When it comes to shipping costs there are a few tricks that can save you serious money and here is one of the easiest. Order all your flammables in one shipment to save money on shipping. Yup, just that easy! ...
  • colored hair extensions (1)

    Two Tone Extensions

    02 February
    Have you ever wanted to try wearing or installing two tone extensions? My guess is you have, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Two tone extensions are just what they sound like, extensions using two different hair colors. Either you ...